by Chris Macon

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Lost n Sounds debut recording project, Invisible, is the kick off to more live and studio recordings to come. Bringing some of Lost n Sounds fan's favorite songs as well as a new track to introduce more listeners to the Lost n Sound experience.


released March 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Chris Macon Raleigh, North Carolina

Vocalist Timesha and Songwriter/Guitarist Chris come together and blend Neo-Soul, Reggae and Hip-Hop into an original sound. Lost n Sound bend genres and break rules on their way to sculpt a truly distinct style of music. As husband and wife they are harmonious on and off stage. Blending their voices and life experiences to captivate their listeners with inspiring lyrics and moving arrangements. ... more

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Track Name: Invisible
You can pretend I'm invisible,
But you know Im here,
You can pretend I'm invisible,
But we know, your fears;

Verse 1
Is there something Im missing,
What did I get confused,
Despite the way we're living,
Am I no different from you,
Is history worth repeating,
With all the pain its caused,
Despite the path we're headed,
Does it not matter at all,

You close your eyes when I suffer,
Like we don't rely on each other
You turn your ears to all my cries,
But I see the fear that lies behind


Verse 2
Is there some thing Im missing,
Some secret you hold,
That makes you more better, more clever, more interesting,
More deserving of anything,
Is there something I should know,


Track Name: The Moment
Are you living for the moment,
Or are you living for today,
Are you living in the past,
Just to throw it all away,

Sit back and think like was there a time when your life was like a green light,
When it seemed like everything seemed right,
then the wheels start to wobble when it seemed tight,
It's all perception that's altered by your connection to it,
Life aint a game but it's the same how you progressing through it,
If you just do it without taking time to make it fluid,
You could fall got to make sure that you're deeply rooted,
And every movement is a positive motion,
And every wave is a part of the ocean, we're all connected,
Thats why one man struggle is another man's dream,
And the red of your blood is another mans green,
So no matter how dark or dim the night seems,
The light cuts through whatever the night brings
We living in a jungle so everyday is a struggle in it,
So do your best and let God do the rest with it,


I'm the master of my destiny, controller of my future, the chef behind my recipe.
I'm giving ya the best of me the drama ain't affecting me,
It only pushes me to go at it aggressively,
Lifes full of twists and turns but I stay ready,
Calm in the face of disaster my mind steady,
Can't break my levees can't crush my dreams,
I'm filled with strong will. about to bust my seems,
So I must succeed, ain't no way I can fail,
All I need is some time and some wind in my sails,
And I don't ever back away from a challenge,
Life's like a tight rope you got to keep your balance,
So every morning when I wake up I pray for determination,
Wisdom humility, strength to be patient,
'Cause I know what I be facing isn't easy as it seems,
But I'm in it till the end, win It by any means,


Every moment is a moment to give thanks for
Every life has the power to create more